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soy wax blend.


  • everyone poops-maple pecan
  • la di fucking da-maple pecan
  • leave it lit if you shit-raspberry pop
  • mr and mrs fuckin awesome-merlot
  • happy f'n birthday-raspberry pop
  • my last fuck-rich berries
  • best bitches-pineapple mango
  • stay toasty-maple pecan
  • you're feeling awesome-pineapple mango
  • shit could be worse-vanilla berry
  • same penis forever-merlot
  • new house who dis-vanilla berry
  • please dont do drugs-raspberry pop
  • thank fuck for you-merlot
  • please leave by dark-rich berries
  • the weather outside is not fit-maple pecan
  • thanks for putting up with my shit-rich berries
  • my dog is cool as fuck-cranberry crush/pineapple mango
  • i heard youre old as fuck
  • thank fuck for you-brown sugar
  • my neck, my back my giant panic attack-rich berries
  • mother fuckin' bridesmaid-satsuma
  • badass bonus mom-satsuma
  • soon to be grandma-satsuma
  • get well soon faker-bayberry & cinnamon
  • calm your tits-raspberry pop
  • best boss ever-raspberry pop